Lab Members

We are student scholars who tell and learn from untold (and mistold) stories of people whom society has treated as “other.” We tell stories by asking questions and working towards answers with scientific rigor, integrity and humility. Welcome to our lab. 


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Alissa Gray (Class of ’20) is a rising junior Psychology/Biology double major from Clarkston, MI. After graduation from Howard University in 2020, she plans to attend medical school and pursue a career in Obstetrics and Gynecology. After experience in the medical field, she also plans to become a member of Doctors Without Borders, providing medical relief to communities in need.

Jacquelyn Chin (Class of ’19) is a Psychology Major, Human Development Minor and Honors Student from Prince George’s County, Maryland. Her research explores the relationship between racial/gender prejudice and physiological reaction, and trends of violence against women living in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, and examined the socio-political rights of LGBTQIA+ individuals in Latin America. She plans to pursue doctoral studies in Clinical or Experimental Psychology in hopes to serve minority populations. 

Sherille Bosfield (Class of ’19) is a Psychology major, Biology and Sociology double minor from Los Angeles, California.  She is currently working on a project examining meaning-making among young black men living with perinatal HIV.  After graduation from Howard University, Sherille plans to pursue a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology to become a Pediatric Clinical Psychologist.

Jasmine Stevens (Class of ’19) is a Psychology major, Chemistry minor on the Pre-Medicine track from New Orleans, Louisiana. She is working on a grant to examine the factors that affect parents’ decision to seek mental health services for their children in Nigeria. She plans to attend medical school after graduating from Howard.


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Vanessa Camelo Lopez (Class of ’23) is a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program from Maryland. Her research focus is on the prevention and resilience of those who have experienced trauma, or whom are more likely to experience trauma. Vanessa hopes to study how certain groups or people respond to trauma and how that might affect the model of standardized personalized treatment.

Folasade Akinkuoto (Class of ’20) is a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology program from Canada. Her research focuses on courtesy stigma among Nigerian caregivers of family members with mental illness in the US, Canada, and Nigeria.

Meghan Derenoncourt (Class of ’22) is a Psychology major Chemistry minor from New York, who will be working on the Ibadan-Howard project examining guardian willingness to utilize accessible mental health services for their child. Meghan’s life goal is to open a medical clinic in a resource-limited country – a goal influenced by volunteer work with her family in Haiti.

Ayanne Alleyne (Class of ’19) is a Psychology major, Human Development minor from, Boston, MA. Upon graduation, she plans to go into the field of mental health counseling.


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Austin Webster (Class of ’21) is a Psychology major transfer student from Morehouse College and native of Los Angeles. Austin is working on the Ibadan-Howard project and plans to pursue doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology.

Tayler Christian (Class of ’20) is a junior Psychology major, English minor from Mount Vernon, New York. Upon graduating from Howard, Tayler plans to pursue a doctorate degree in Cognitive or Clinical Psychology and explore research in international relations and advocacy.

Lucretia Williams (Class of ’18,  BS, Psychology) is a graduate of Howard University (yes she returned) who currently works for Accenture and wants to pursue a PhD in Human Centered Computing  to design technologies for communities with limited mental health resources.