Prospective PhD Students


I am accepting 1 student in our Clinical Psychology PhD program for Fall 2021-22 with a strong interest in global mental health research that is conceived by community-based organizations – ones that address access to resource disparities, the effects of stigma on HIV care and prevention, and intergroup conflict (refer to active projects in my lab to get a better idea). 

I give strong preference to applicants who have experienced-based knowledge on how research is conducted. In other words seeing a research project move from the conceptual stage to the methodological design to sometimes even conference presentations or manuscript publication. Serving as a research assistant, completing a senior/honors thesis or other types of supervised research experience is especially useful.

Although there is limited funding for PhD students at Howard, I will work closely with students to actively submit grants and applications for research/ teaching assistantships. Doctoral students in my research labs have been awarded Frederick Douglass Scholars Fellowship, Just-Julian Assistantship, APA Predoctoral Fellowship in Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, and partially supported by an NIMH grant

To apply please refer to the Howard University Graduate School general application.